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CHM2PDF Pilot can convert any CHM file to PDF file
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A CHM file is called a "Compiled HTML Help File" because it is a single file version of hundreds or thousands of HTML files and resource files (like images) which are linked to each other by hyperlinks. A big number of HTML help files can be found as the help file of older software (like Flash 6, Adobe Photoshop 6, etc). So, the CHM file type, created by Microsoft, is a good idea for keeping all the files, images and other files into a kind of archive, which can be read easily in any Windows OS.

Now, PDF is the most popular format that is used in the Internet for sharing documents and e-books. Well, we can find almost any book in its pirated PDF format nowadays. PDF can be read by a free application called Adobe Reader. But the file can be modified or created only by the full version of Adobe Reader called Adobe Acrobat, which is quite costly.

This is a program to convert CHM files to PDF. The software is a very small application. One cool thing is that we can set the Author, Subject, Title, Keywords, etc. by our own choice. There are various PDF file settings, which could only be described as 'basic settings'. The advanced settings still remain a monopoly of the Adobe Acrobat software. The program can convert many CHM files together. "All to one" option can convert and assemble many CHM files into one PDF file itself.

The conversion speed is not that fast and depends on the number of pages in the CHM file and whether there are a lot of images and that we have set some options for the manipulation of images, like cropping, resizing of the pages, etc.

The program only has the support for the PDF version 4.x and 5.x (older PDF versions), that can be read in the Adobe Reader versions from 4.x or 5.x and later. But the latest version is 9.x. Well, older version means the PDF files won't have many features like the reduced file sizes of the 9.x version.

Zack Martin
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  • Can set PDF parameters and settings


  • Can only get Acrobat 5.x and 4.x compatibility
  • No PDF security setting and other advanced settings
  • No "drag and drop" support
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